Our Church History
  A brief history of The Pentecostal Tabernacle. In May of 1990, after leaving the Faith Mission Church at McCarr, KY where
I pastored for about two years. The Lord laid it on our heart to go to Matewan, WV and established a work there. With twelve
members, including my wife and I, a borrowed PA system, and renting a store front building, we had our first service in May of
1990 and the Lord immediately began to bless, souls were add, and baptisms were performed. After staying there for about
six months an old church building came open at Edgarton, WV. We moved our church into that building, rent free and its own
PA system, the Lord had begun to bless us once again in our labors with souls and finances. What a blessing it was to get
this old building, and what GREAT Services we had there. We worshipped in this building from November of 1990 until
September 14, 1998, eight years, when the Lord blessed us to build The New Pentecostal Tabernacle.

Our Old Church Building




  I will never forget the Blessing this building was to us. After those wonderful years of worship, we moved into our new
sanctuary on the 14th of September, 1998 and what a blessing that was. We were blessed to build a 36 by 82 building, two
stories which included a full size basement with Sunday School rooms and a dinning area, and kitchen. We had come alone
way from a rented building to a brand new church without a mortgage. Just to show what a mighty God we serve. In 2001 the
Lord laid it on our heart to establish a Christian School, by the time the school year had come around, we had established
the Delorme Christian School in accordance with the state of WV. In 2002 we expanded our building by another 30 feet two
stories for our school and to God be the glory. We kept the school open for seven wonderful years, but due to families
moving and children leaving we had to close the school, but we are thankful for those seven years and the children we
helped, and especially getting to see my Beautiful daughter Lee Ann graduate from there.
  In 2004 we expanded our building again, by another 18 feet to put our steps under roof and to build a new entrance to our
church. That work was completed in December of 2004 just in time for our Christmas Play and Dinner. Our building is now
36' by 130' two stories. In November of 2006 we were blessed to have our church bricked with a new metal roof to match the
brick. The Lord has blessed us to build this new church without mortgage and we are debt free to date. I don't say this in
boasting, but to encourage others who might have a vision to do a work for the Lord, that With God All Things Are Possible
and to God be the Glory.
Our New Church